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According to the information from Google, a standard 45 feet pine tree can produce 10 to 12,000 pcs of paper or 10kg ++ paper. The weight of the each paper glue board and not included glue is from 60 to 90gm, it depend of the size and the different manufacturer. If we can reduce the amount of 133 to 200 pcs paper glue board, we can save a tree and benefit to Global temperature.
We studied many material to replace paper glue board but under the requirement of maintain the cost and minimize the impact of the environment. Finally polypropylene Homopolymer select to be the material for our glue board products. To compare our existing paper glue board, we can manage to lower down 10% of it’s cost, 8% heavy, water resistance. The most important part is we are comply the requirement of WHO Sustainable Development Goal 12, we use the recycle material to produce Plastic Folding Glue Board. 
This hasn’t perfect yet to end up the product to this level. We had consider to dispose the amount of the glue board waste in future. Dissimulation item has been added into the Plastic Folding Glue Board to let it biodegradable under the sunlight. After the consideration on the cost of dissimulation and the thickness of the glue board, it will take 2 to 3 years to dissimulate under the sufficient sunlight.
Weight - 132g

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