TRBS XW Silkscreen
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TRBS XW Silkscreen bait station is tamper resistant that can be used for either rat or mice control. The station automatically closes with a key, making them safe to be around children, pets and non-targeted animals.

TRBS XW Silkscreen you can also fill up the silkscreen given by using permanent marker for your record purposes. The permanent marker ink can be removed stains by using an alcohol.

The durability of TRBS XWSilkscreen bait station also can last at outdoor for 2 years even under the sunlight.

Here are the steps below:

1. Use the permanent marker to write down.

2. Write down for your record purposes.

3. Use the alcohol for remove the inks.

4. Spray with alcohol to remove the inks.

5. Wipe out with tissue or cloth.

6. And you're DONE!

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