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TRBS_-_MSDS_(xw,_x1,_xe).pdf (210.01 KB)
Material: Polypropylene
Dimension: 370mm L  x  96mm W  x 96mm H
Weight: 287gm
Color: Black
Packing: 38pcs/carton

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TRBS XW & TRBS X1 are made in high grade polypropylene with anti UV agent, it durable and can be installed under the sunlight without compromise it quality within a year. Both models are designed for safe and secure purpose, so they can be fixed on the certain location which can’t be moved away and locked for non target animals. The direction of open the TRBS XW’s cover is more convenient for check and refill the rodent bait. To allow PCO adopt integrated pest management way to control rodent problems, the unit can be fill in bait, glue board and trapper as well. The holes inside the station are made sure if water get inside to the station when floor washing or to water the plant, water will be flow out from the station. It will prevent the humidity inside the station too high, it could be damage the rodent bait

Using same key from TRBS-XW

TRBS X1 can be fixed with pellets and securable bait.

Opposite wall direction cover. YES YES
Securable bait hanger. YES YES
Pallet bait container. YES YES
Liquid bait container. YES NO
Glue board available. YES NO
Glue tray available. YES NO
Wall bracket. YES YES
T-Rex trapper available. YES NO


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