Have you ever ask yourself, why the insect seems attracted to the light? Especially we realized on night, the insect will be found flying around the light. Why? Is there any food at the light? The light we talked about is ultraviolet light, UV. The fact is insects can see ultraviolet light, due to the complex makeup of their eyes but not to human.

An organism’s response to light with motion is known as phototaxis. Positively phototactic organisms, such as flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasp etc. moves towards light sources. Negatively phototactic organisms, on the other hand, move away from light, such as cockroaches that scuttle into a dark corner when you switch the light on.

1.  Navigational aid.

For positive phototaxis in insects will be response to their internal navigation systems. They used natural light sources such as the moon or stars in order to navigate. Since many flowers reflect UV light, bugs may be attracted to artificial light sources that also emit small amounts of UV because they mistake for a flower or a food source

2.  Emergency beacon

Bright light source is seen as a emergency beacon, and when in doubt, they will instinctively head for the light, which is generally higher than their current danger-filled position.

3.  Self defense

Insect's eyes contain multiple lenses, cannot easily adjust from light to dark, leaving the insect vulnerable to predators while night-blind. It may be safer for the insect to remain in the light rather than fly away and become too blind to react to threats and obstacles.

4.  Mating

An entomologist proposes that moths actually mistake certain light sources for female moths. While this may sound quite bizarre, it was discovered that the infrared light spectrum given off by candle flames actually has a few common frequencies with the light given off by the pheromones of female moths. The same researcher that made this discovery previously found that pheromones are actually weakly luminescent.

UV Light?

Electromagnetic radiation is transmitted in waves or particles at different wavelengths and frequencies. This broad range of wavelengths is known as the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. Generally are radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet (UV), X-rays and gamma rays. Ultraviolet light which comes from the sun, is invisible to the human eye. It makes black-light posters glow. Too much exposure to UV radiation is damaging to living tissue and worst can cause skin cancer. 

UV is generally divided into three sub-bands:

  1. UVA, or near UV (315–400 nm); ex: Light traps
  2. UVB, or middle UV (280–315 nm); ex: Tanning treatment
  3. UVC, or far UV (180–280 nm); ex: Germicidal

A-region ultraviolet light is also widely employed in electric insect control devices. Combining excellent value with expertise from technicians and leading biologist, PestWest offer a diverse range of professional and specialist Electric Fly Killers.

Quantum UVA light can easily compete against artificial light, but they must be put away from the greatest source of UVA light, the sun.

Enhanced performance compared to standard tubes - UV output concentrated into important wavelength range (350-385nm) - Maintains output efficiency for longer - Lower mercury content - Lead free (RoHS compliant)

As pest controllers, you will know that there are two main types of fly killers: the traditional high voltage units with which flies are electrocuted on a killing grid and the newer and now more popular sticky board models, where flies are held on a glue board. Why have they become more popular?


  1. A better monitoring of the species as part of the HACCP since the insects are caught intact
  2. A safer kill. Flies are no longer 'exploded' and particles of flies are not spread over several meters. American reports have shown that in the case of high voltage models, particles of flies can be spread as far as 10 meters and therefore land in food preparation areas.
  3. Small insects can avoid being 'electrocuted' by flying in-between the bars of a killing grid. Sticky board models are far superior at catching small flies

Chameleon 1x2 (DISCRETION)

Discreet and slim wall-mounted unit (free-standing bracket available). An attractive front cover conceals the sticky board and catch, which makes this unit ideal for areas in view of the public.

Dimensions   H: 31.5cm      W: 48.5cm       D:6.5cm                                      
Weight  4.3kg                                                                                                             
Coverage Wall mounted / Freestanding: 70m2                                                 
Finish White / Stainless Steel
Tube Data        ·  2 x 15-Watt Pest West Quantum tubes          
·  Shatterproof coating with industry compliant FEP                        
·  Reflectobakt technology tubes 

Chameleon 2x2

Designed to be ceiling-suspended, this model provides 360° attractions and is ideal for industrial and commercial food premises.

Dimensions   H: 31.5cm      W: 48.5cm       D:12.5cm                                      
Weight  6kg                                                                                                             
Coverage Ceiling-suspended/ Freestanding: 180m2                                                 
Finish White / Stainless Steel
Tube Data  
·  4 x 15-Watt Pest West Quantum tubes          
·  Shatterproof coating with industry compliant FEP                       
·  Reflectobakt technology tubes 

Chameleon Uplight

Attractive wall-mounted unit disguised as a wall light. It is the perfect choice for areas where fly control should be discreet, e.g. restaurants and other eating areas.

Dimensions   H: 21cm      W: 47cm       D:17cm                                                                   
Weight  3.7kg                                                                                                             
Coverage Wall mounted: 40m2                                                 
Finish Magnolia
Tube Data    
·   1 x 15-Watt Pest West Quantum tubes          
·   Shatterproof coating with industry compliant FEP  

Titan 300

With a wrap-around chrome guard giving 360° protection, this all-metal unit offers features and performance far beyond its price. It is ideal for larger kitchen, shops, cafes and all commercial uses. It can be adapted to operate as a cluster fly unit by removing the tray.

Dimensions   H: 33cm      W: 49.5cm       D:13.5cm                                      
Weight  7.5kg                                                                                                             
Coverage Ceiling-suspended/ Freestanding: 180m2                                                 
Finish White / Stainless Steel
Tube Data       

·  2 x 15-Watt Pest West Quantum tubes          
·  Shatterproof coating with industry compliant FEP       

Chameleon EXG
This custom-designed unit had been exclusively engineered to allow protection in areas where gas and vapour are present such as: distilleries and in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Chameleon EXG is made to comply with exacting ATEX standards (ATEX Directives 99/92/EC and 94/9/EC) and is made from the highest quality materials to give a fully corrosion-resistant construction using 304-brushed stainless steel and Marine-grade aluminium alloy. It is suitable for use in zones 2 and 1 – atmospheres where flammable gases/vapours are likely to arise and zones 22 and 21 – atmosphere where combustible dust/powder may be present.

The use of a specific flameproof glass enclosure with excellent UVA light transmission, combined with two large surface area adhesive boards, optimises the fly control unit’s efficacy. The adhesive board holders are adjustable allowing installation in confined spaces.

Dimensions   H: 80cm      W: 90cm       D: 30cm                                      
Weight  14.5kg                                                                                                             
Coverage Wall mounted: 120m                                                
Finish Stainless Steel and alluminium alloy
Tube Data       

·  2 x 18-Watt Pest West Quantum tubes          
·  Shatterproof coating with industry compliant FEP

.   Powered by and electronic ballast       

Chameleon 4x4 EX
The Chemeleon 4x4 EX is an ATEX compliant all stainless steel industrial UV fly trap. It is suitable for use in potentially explosive atmosphere in ATEX zone 22 classified areas. Its IP65 rating also allows installation in damp, dusty or corrosive environments. This powerful unit covers large industrial areas trapping even the smallest insects on its double-sided board.

An advanced electronic ballast circuitry reduces the running costs and increases efficiency. The absence of starters and the board easy lateral insertion and withdrawal facilitate servicing.
Dimensions   H: 61.5cm      W: 63.5cm       D: 16.5cm                                      
Weight  15.5kg                                                                                                             
Coverage Ceiling-suspended: 440m                                                
Finish Stainless Steel 
Tube Data       

·  4 x 40-Watt Pest West Quantum tubes          
·  Shatterproof coating with industry compliant FEP
.  Reflectobakt tecknology

.  Powered by and electronic ballast       



Designed for front-of-house areas where fly control should be hidden from view, its elegant and decorative design conceals the glue board and the insects caught. Discreet, stylish and environmentally responsible, the Sunburst is ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, and retail shops. This all metal unit can be placed on a tabletop or mounted on the wall.

Dimensions   H: 31cm      W: 23cm       D:10cm                                        
Weight  2.5kg                                                                                                             
Coverage Wall mounted / Freestanding: 35m2  
Finish White / Silver-grey / Black
Tube Data 
·  1 x 15-Watt BL compact tubes          
·  Powered by an electronic ballast                                               


Unique, decorative and discreet sticky board fly trap made of bamboo with a design that is both elegant and natural, making the unit suitable for most front-of-house situations. The discreet design conceals the glue board and the insect catch from view. The use of natural materials and energy-efficient technology allow for an environmentally sustainable fly control. The Sunburst Naturale can be used wall-mounted or freestanding and is ideal for hotels, restaurant, bars and shops.

Dimensions   H: 32.5cm      W: 25.5cm       D:11.5cm                                           
Weight  2kg                                                                                                             
Coverage Wall mounted / Freestanding: 35m2  
Finish Bamboo
Tube Data
·  1 x 20-Watt BL compact tubes          
·  Powered by an electronic ballast                                             

  • Quantum shatter resistant tubes coated with industry compliant FEP for maximum attraction and significantly reduced risk of contamination from glass breakage.
  • Full-size sticky board to effectively catch even the smallest flies
  • Easy to remove bottom tray, drop-down guard and front covers – no tool service.
  • Reflectobackt sleeves increase attractiveness to insects, significantly slow the drying of the sticky board and allow longer board life and slimmer design.
  • Interchangeable tubes and sticky boards on all units to minimise stocking requirements.
  • All metal construction means longer lasting models for years of reliable services. 

Insect Identification

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Published : 1-Apr-2016

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